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Sunway Bukit Lenang Slope Rectification Works

Country/Location: Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Client: Sunway Construction Sdn. Bhd.

Project Sinopsis:

Incepsion has carried out site visit and also presented preliminary findings during the course of the works to SunCon, during the post failure Site Investigation phase to discuss on possible causes and potential solutions to the failure.

Project Overview:

1. Zone A:

  • 1m thick sand layer acting as friction fill and also free draining soil layer
  • Geogrid with a strength of 60/20 kN/m minimum as basal reinforcement
  • A minimum 1m thick toe counters berm

2. Zone B:

  • Rock filled trench
  • A minimum 1m thick counter berm
  • Repair of cracked slope crest edge with benching cut and drainage layer

Our Scope:

  • Site geology and topography
  • Ground and groundwater conditions
  • Failure and Causation of the failure
  • Necessary geotechnical assessment carried out and the results
  • Recommendations on the proposed geotechnical works
  • Conclusion on the causation and proposed works

Our Key Attributes:

  • Optimize and economical design solutions
  • Delivery projects by promoting rigorous scope